Whaledreamers Movie

Whaledreamers Movie
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“There is only one way forward for us, everyone together!” Bunna Lawrie

All over the Earth indigenous peoples share a deep spiritual connection with their lands and the animals they share them with.

Whaledreamers follows the personal journeys of film maker Kim Kindersley and Bunna Lawrie who share a deep connection with whales. Bunna Lawrie is from the Mirning People whose traditional lands are along the coast of the Great Australian Bight. The Mirning were dispossessed of their traditional lands in the 1950’s.

The documentary charts the gathering of indigenous elders from around the world, where they share their peoples myths, legends and spiritual stories. Many like the Mirning also having strong connections to whales. Sadly it soon becomes clear that the tragedies the Mirning have experienced are a common and on going experience for many other indigenous peoples. Just like the Mirning they too are struggling to have their traditions, lands and wisdom recognised.

At times the story is heart wrenching and deeply upsetting, but what shines through is the deep connection indigenous peoples have to the Earth. They are the ones who have lived in harmony with their lands and animals over millennia and who have great wisdom to share if only we will listen.


Directed by Kim Kindersley
A Julian Lennon Production
Narrated by Jack Thompson

Running Time 84 minutes
Rated PG

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