The Whales of Oceania


The Earth is covered by vast oceans that are the home for the largest animals that have ever lived – the whales.

In the southwest corner of the vast Pacific Ocean lie the beautiful waters of Oceania, home to about fifty whale species. From the largest, the Blue Whales to some of the smallest in the Hector Dolphins. Here they can be found playing in the surf, diving to the ocean depths, holding their breath for hours on end, making epically long journeys and singing their songs.


We share so much in common with whales, just like us they are mammals that breathe air, are warm blooded, give birth to live young that they feed milk and they are often highly social and incredibly intelligent creatures. Unlike us many millions of years ago their ancestors returned to the oceans where they have become absolute masters of that realm.

In the following information pages you can learn more about these amazing animals, their biology, behaviours and habits and the ocean they live in.

Welcome to the amazing world of whales.

Whale Information Pages 

The Ocean (Under Construction)
– Characteristics
– Difficulties of Living in the Ocean

Whales in Detail

Whale Evolution

Whales Adaptations

Whale Behaviours

The Whale Species of Oceania

– The Baleen Whales

– The Toothed Whales

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