Beautiful Whale by Bryant Austin

Beautiful Whale by Bryant Austin
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Imagine yourself snorkelling in beautiful cool waters. Watching the late afternoon light play on the waters surface and into the deep below. Then suddenly something big nudges you in the side!

What happened next changed Bryant Austin’s life forever…

Humpback Whale Mother & Calf by Bryant Austin

Humpback Whale Mother & Calf by Bryant Austin

“I turned to see what had touched me and found myself eye to eye with a Humpback whale. She had reached out to gently tap me on the shoulder with her two ton peck fin to let me know she was there. As I looked into her eyes I saw for the first time a calm mindful expression of grace and intelligence.” ~ Bryant Austin

Minke Whale Eye by Bryant Austin

Minke Whale Eye by Bryant Austin

The epiphany was powerful and clear! In an instant Bryant saw what was missing from all the decades of visual effort to communicate the reality of whales – moments like this that showed their beauty and intelligence on their terms and on their immense scale.

Museum of Monterey Exhibition

Soon Bryant had sold everything he owned including his house and left his job to follow his vision of creating highly detailed, life sized images of whales. By 2009 he had created the largest and most detailed collection of whale photographs that have ever existed. Exhibited as life sized prints the photographs have been shown around the world to international acclaim.

Minke Whale by Bryant Austin

Minke Whale by Bryant Austin

Bryant is now designing and building a 150 mega pixel camera capable of creating the largest and most detailed images of whales ever made.


Bryant with his portrait of ‘Ella” the Minke whale at the ANMM

Beautiful Whale Exhibition at The Australian National Maritime Museum

A selection of Bryant’s amazing photographs are currently on show at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Darling Harbour, Sydney.

Open Daily from Friday 11th April until Sunday 1st February, 2015
For more details see the ANMM website (ANMM)

To learn more about Bryant’s work and techniques please see his website (Studio Cosmos Website)

Beautiful Whale Book by Bryant Austin

Book Details
Beautiful Whale
 by Bryant Austin
Published in 2013
Publisher Abrams – Aust Distributed
ISBN  9781419703843

Hard Back – 305 x 381 mm
124 Pages Pages – 80 Colour Images
Price (AUD) $59.95

‘Beautiful Whale’ is published in Australia by Thames and Hudson
and should be available in most good book shops. Please follow this link to their website. (Thames and Hudson)

All Images Copyright 2013 Bryant Austin. Images used with permission.

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