Whale Dreamers Festival 2014 – Simply Magic!

Whale Dreamers Festival 2014 - Simply Magic!
9:02 pm , July 6, 2014 Comments Off on Whale Dreamers Festival 2014 – Simply Magic!

A perfect day!


The Norah Head Lighthouse

Sunday 6th July dawned to another stunningly beautiful winters day. Calm, warm, blue skies, a delight. Not sure how the team do it but I’m definitely not going to argue with the magic. Its become my favourite whale event of the year.


The Norah Head Lighthouse

 The Humpbacks are often kilometres out to sea as they migrate past Sydney but here at Norah Head they are very close to the coast.


Humpback Whale (Megaptera novaeangliae)

It was announced during the ‘Welcome to Country’ that a beloved indigenous elder had recently passed away and they were shaw she would be with us in spirit today.


Welcome to Country ceremony and dancers

Ten minutes later a rare Southern Right Whale turned up in the bay below the lighthouse and stayed all day! WOW


The Southern Right Whale in the bay below the lighthouse


Southern Right Whale (Eubalaena australis)

  …then a large pod of dolphins came to play.



Bottlenose Dolphin

So the stage was set, dolphins playing in the surf, a Southern Right playing in the bay and a constant parade of Humpback passing by, oh and a whole bunch of spellbound humans dancing and celebrating the whales next to the lighthouse.


The AWESOME Nikki, Collette, Jeannie and Roberta organisers of the Festival

 A simply fantastic and soul restoring day!


Drumming in the whales


Picking up a snazzy Sea Shepherd T Shirt


The view from the top


Soaking up the lovely day, music, great food and whales











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