Whale Dreamers Festival 2016 – The Dream Continues

Whale Dreamers Festival 2016 - The Dream Continues
7:23 am , July 4, 2016 Comments Off on Whale Dreamers Festival 2016 – The Dream Continues

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled but a fire to be lighted!” – Plutarch

The early morning is cold, crisp but beautifully clear. The tiniest sliver of a present moon hangs in the eastern sky just above the deep orange of the coming dawn. I marvel at this glorious day thankful to be travelling to a beautiful place to spend time with wonderful people.

I’m greeted at the entrance to the Lighthouse by a pod of Humpbacks playing in the bay below …its going to be a fantastic day!


I’d like to report that the day was full of great talks, music, stalls, information displays, Lighthouse tours, food, family fun, beautiful sculptures and amazing whale sightings all spend on a glorious winters day but I was just to busy to experience any of that… instead I had a wonderful day talking everything whale with all of the people who came by the WS Stall. I particularly love the look on children’s faces when you share all the crazy facts about these incredible animals.

All in all another fantastic day, may Whale Dreamers continue forever!  …ok time to pass out 😉

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