Whale Rescue

If you find a stranded or injured marine mammal (Whale, Seal or Dugong)

Immediately call the Emergency Hotline!


New South Wales

24 Hour Hotline: 02 9415 3333

Northern Territory
Marine Wildwatch
Hotline: 1800 453 941

Hotline: 1300 264 625

South Australia
SA National Parks & Wildlife Service
Hotline: 1300 650 411
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Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment
Hotline: 0427 942 537

Whale and Dolphin Emergency Hotline
Hotline: 1300 136 017

Western Australia
Hotline: 08 9474 9055

If all else fails dial 000 and inform the Police.


New Zealand

DOC (NZ Govt – Department of Conservation)
Stranding Hotline: 0800 362 468

Project Jonah
Stranding Hotline: 0800 4 94253

If all else fails dial 111 and inform the Police.

Whale Stranding


The Hotline Operator Will Need To Know 

  • The exact location of the animal.
  • Number of animals.
  • Species if you know. Size, colour and distinguishing features.
  • Seals: they will want to know any physical characteristics to help determine the species including:
    – The colour of the fur.
    – Size (length) of the animal.
    – Does the animal have ears?
  • Your contact details such as mobile phone number.

    The Hotline Operator will be able to provide you with instructions on what to do and answer your questions.
    Follow their instructions!

    They are able to notify and mobilise the relevant authorities and trained volunteer rescuers.


The ORRCA Team

Join The Team!

The ORRCA and Project Jonah Volunteers are great people! If your interested in finding out more, becoming a volunteers or supporting their work please see their websites for more information.

(Organisation for the Rescue and Research of Cetaceans in Australia)

Emergency Hotline Phone Number 02 9415 3333
www.orrca.org.au (ORRCA)

Project Jonah
Emergency Hotline Phone Number 0800 4 94253
www.projectjonah.org.nz (Project Jonah)

The Information on this page was created with the assistance and guidance of
ORRCA Whale Rescue.